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5 Reasons To NOT Use Wix or Other DIY Builders For Your Website

We often have people come to us after using Wix or other DIY companies to build a website asking for some help making their websites more visible.  This is where the conversation usually goes a little downhill.  Websites like Wix makes it very easy to build a website.  However, they also make it easy to build a badly performing website.

So tell me Mr. Webguy, if sites like Wix makes it easy to build a website why shouldn’t people use them?

1.  These Websites Make it ‘Easy’ To Build A Website!

Why is it so bad if Wix or other DIY sites make it easy to build my website?  If you approach building a website as an ‘easy’ task then you’ve already started off on the wrong foot.  I like to think I know what looks good when it comes to website design but if you asked me to design a house or a car the end result would be awful.  I'm not an engineer or an architect, nor would I pretend to be one. So why risk the fate of your business on an under-performing website?  The tricky part is designing your website for your future clients and trends.  Looking past the generation of your current clientele, the first generation.  The next generation grew up watching YouTube and lived on social media. The generation after that are watching other kids play video games and play with toys on YouTube more than they are playing themselves. These are your future clients, customers and readers.

Scary huh?

If building a website properly was easy then there would not be hundreds of thousands of Posts, Articles, Videos and other media out there dedicated to how to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Online Marketing and especially posts on Website Design and Content Creation.

The truth is that nobody knows your business better than you. The biggest mistake that even the best website designer can make is to not ask the business owner the right questions during their initial interview and listen to the answers.  As a business owner you may be the the expert on your business but there is no way for you to know what questions you should have been presented with.  This is why you would want the website designer to be an expert in their business. You want them to be able to identify your specific needs and develop real solutions and design ideas that will help you succeed online.

Companies like Wix makes it easy to jump right in. You can throw together a web page and publish it in a matter of minutes.  By doing this you have skipped some really important work.  Our website design studio devotes over a third of the total project time to researching your business and competitors.

We need to consider how your content is going to be structured, what image sizes will be needed for upload. We research the page titles that will be used, the header text for each page or topic and keyword term performance in Search Engine Results (SERPs) as well as implementing some form of online tracking.  Additional research goes into the setup of essential Google Tools to get insights from your website that may drive future marketing decisions. This all happens before create the first page on your new website.

These are all decisions that are fundamental to the core of your your new website.  We have worked with companies that had pre-existing websites with tens of thousands of dollars worth of development that were losing an extraordinary amount of money every day because their website was created without this type of planning.  Unfortunately DIY website builders do not include any of these steps.

2. Wix and Other DIY Website Builders Hide Fundamental Complexities

Hey, who wants to look at a bunch of HTML, PHP or CSS code?  With a Website Builder you can drag and drop to your hearts delight!  The truth is that even if you build the world's most amazingly stunning Wix website by skipping the “hard stuff” you have no real control over how search engines like Google and Bing view your website.  Google doesn't care about amazing pictures or what buttons you choose.  Nor do they take the time to watch a slide show that you paid extra for as a “premium” upgrade.  Computers can only see the coding.  Even though companies like Wix have added easy to use SEO tools, these tools can't outperform a Custom WordPress website with tailored content.

Below is a screenshot of a Wix premier website example when searched for on Google.

Dont use Wix or other DIY

Notice the lack of any real information or contact info?  There is no call to action encouraging a potential client to engage with the result at all. Even if this website gets anywhere near the first 100 pages of search engine results for photographers, the listing is very likely going to be skipped over for a better looking listing.  Let's take a look at one of our clients.

Dont use Wix or other DIY

The first thing that we notice is that the topic in the title is clear and decisive.  We describe details about the service and have deployed a call to action with a phone number right in the listing. This is just one example but the end product can make all the difference in the world. How much money are you losing over skipping the fundamental complexities?

3.  Wix Or Your DIY Website Company Hosts Your Website

When you build a website on WordPress or any other CMS (Content Management System) you have seemingly unlimited hosting options.  You can find bare minimum hosting options for under $1 a month or find  managed hosting for $30-$100 a month.  Every host has different options and you get to control how your website is hosted and maintained. All of these companies know that you have the choice to leave and go to a new host and they fight to keep your business! That means better customer service, options and flexibility.  You can not host a Wix or other DIY builder website on a third party server.  What you build is stuck on their hosting and there is very few options or software flexibility.  Their hosting forces you to use only their proprietary tools.

4.  You Can’t Just Migrate Your Wix Website To A New Host

Let's say that you hit the jackpot and your amazing Wix website is driving more traffic to it then it can handle.  You need advanced features that Wix can’t provide.  API Integration, Ecommerce solutions or maybe it's just getting so much traffic that it's loading slowly.  You have just outgrown your website and are ready for some change!  That’s great, but how do you get that Wix or other DIY website off of their servers and onto something with more options?  Well, you don't.  Not easily anyway.  You will be building a new website somewhere else without the tools you had the first time.  If you have a falling out with Wix or another DIY company you may find yourself stuck.  Starting out with a new company can be stressful.  Website Design is expensive and scary if you're not familiar with it.  However, if you start small on a reliable platform like WordPress, you can build it up over time and your website can grow with your business.  And if for some reason you need to switch to a new website host or want to have a different developer, moving or migrating your website is easy!

5.  Wix and other sites like it are NOT free.

Although an initial platform to start your new website with a company like Wix is free, for the website to function like you need it to or to have options like adding analytics you have to purchase apps or premium packages.  If you can't even see if your website is getting hits or where they are coming from, then how can you market your business successfully?  If you're a small shop owner in Kansas City and your website gets 20 hits a day wouldn't it helpful to know if those hits were coming from paid local advertising or from a random server in India?  You need more than a simple hit counter!  You need real data to make smart choices.

The largest cost of using Wix for many people is a hidden one.  It’s the cost of a website that doesn't really work, doesn’t get found, or it doesn’t function well.  That lack of functionality is probably costing you business.

A great example is an auto garage owner who had an inexpensive website built several years ago.  It couldn’t be found and business was slow.  When a new website and offsite business listings were put into use he was inundated with work.  If you imagine he built that website in Wix (like some of his competitors have) without understanding the important elements of search engine visibility, the scenario below is an extremely conservative estimate of the amount of work lost:

  • Average autoshop job is $200
  • One job a week comes through a new website = 52 x 200 = $10,400 per year
  • Old website, live for 4 years = 4 x 10,400 = $41,600

That bargain website has cost him $41,600 in lost revenue during 4 years.

The above sample was sourced from an article posted by Darren Craig in 2015


You can build a nice looking website using companies like Wix. You can even present it and market it as the real thing. This is far from the truth.  A DIY website builder like Wix, even if designed by you, is really just built for them. That's why their logos appear on the top and bottom of your DIY website. They make it easy to make some damaging mistakes that will only cost you more down the road. The example above is a story that we hear all the time. Your online presence should represent the value and pride you put into your products, your services and your brand. If you present these things to your customers in a way that says I'm not willing to pay for the real thing then why should they think any different while they are skipping over your listing, that they couldn't find anyway.

To see what other people have to say about Wix check out what Consumer Affairs has to say. 

If you are stuck on a Wix or other DIY website service and want out, we can help. Our services start at $499.  Visit our contact page and drop us a line!

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